Product features

By observing the concept of human-oriented design, we include our efforts for excellence in detail into the design and manufacture of every part. Through numerous tests and experiments, we have finally created high-safety and high-stability performance of our escalators, and our products will let you feel very comfortable and enjoy your free life.

We always put environmental protection at an important strategic position, and save more space for you by using a new type of control system integrating converter and microcomputer-based control board. Besides, the drive system upgrades driving efficiency of the escalator greatly and guarantees environmental protection and high efficiency.

Product Description

High-performance control system

Hosting Escalator upgrades control concept of escalators overally. By applying modular designs, its control system is more compact and integrated, and runs more steadily. Outstanding digital processing capacity and operation efficiency can improve energysaving effects of escalator to the greatest extent.

A complete lightning protection design is built in the escalator control system, with CPU+DSP redundant technology applied in its controller, which fully guarantees the system reliability. The control system completely complies with EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) standard.


Energy-saving and energy regeneration technology

By detecting passengers flow and automatically adjusting the speed curve, Hosting Escalator can achieve effective energy saving in the whole process of its operation. By detecting DC busbar voltage of the driver and automatically feeding regenerated energy of the system back to the power grid, Hosting Escalator greatly improves its energy saving effects.


Convenient remote monitoring system

The system can be connected with customer,s monitoring system via RS485、BAS port, in order to carry out real-time monitoring of escalator operation fault messages, which is very convenient to the escalator maintenance and suit to demands of modern intelligent building control system for escalators.


Multiple safety protection

Safety devices are provided at each component of the escalator. The control system has significant device testing and powerful fault diagnosis capability and improves safety performance of the escalators in an overall way.


Comfortable ride feeling

By applying variable-frequency drive technology specially designed for the escalator and using new generation of AC vector controller-voltage regulatorspeed governor technology, the escalators can achieve smooth and stable transition during automatic acceleration and deceleration adjustment and travels more stably, giving better comfort.


High-performance traction machine

ET125/ET160 escalator reducer adopts ZC toothed drive and has the features of high torque, small size, low noise, low vibration and steady operation. Its noise level is lower than 57dB, and its drive efficiency during normal operation is higher than 88%. The motor is variable-frequency drive motor and provides stable start-up, apply braking and stopping to the escalator smoothly, with power consumption of 5.5~15kW.

CG26 worm gear-helical-gear reducer has the advantages of both worm gear-worm drive and helical-gear drive. The high-speed end is provided with worm gear-worm drive and has the characteristics of low noises, low vibration and high safety coefficient. The low-speed end is provided with helicalgear drive. This configuration guarantees high driving efficiency and energy saving characteristics of the entire traction machine. Driving efficiency of the traction machine is as high as more than 92% and power range is 11~37kW.

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