Product features

Traction ratio: 1:1、2:1

Rated capacity: 320、400、450、630、800、1000、1250kg

Rated elevator speed: 0.63、1、1.6、1.75m/s

Max. lifting height: 60m

Max. shaft load: 3500kg

Applicable converter: 3 phase 400V

Brake voltage: DC200V

Number of motor poles: 20 poles

Product Description
Diana series permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine is directly driven by a low-speed, high-torque, 3-phase permanent
magnet synchronous motor, and has the advantages of low energy consumption, low noises, no pollution, and little maintenance.
Provided with wall-mounted supports, this kind of traction machine has its bearing structure consisting of four detachable drag links
and have external rotor construction. The traction sheave is directly mounted on rotor yoke.
Repulsion rectangular brake is fixed on upper drag link with rectangular cross-section, and it has unique design that makes it compact and light.
Traction rope groove can be arranged in the middle or on one side. When the rope groove is arranged in the middle, double rope
groove can be used so as to double the life of traction sheave.

The traction machine can be installed on the top of the shaft way or at the bottom of the shaft way, and has handwinding function.


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